Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Pomeranian Mini Puppies

This is our latest pomeranian mini puppies, was born between September until November 2009, Brandon, Brandine (B series) and Archie (A series),
which is cross linked with selected sire (see our sire list and picture).

They are cute and have "Teddy-Bear Face" look-a- like, thick fur outer and inner coat, soft color which is tan light brown.

They are very healthy because they take care well since they were born.
Vaccination is prerequisite for any puppy in our kennel to avoid them from contageous disease.

If you looking for any puppy which is healthy and excellent, our kennel is your perfect choice!

Please come and see our kennel before you make your final decision.
Salam Doggy: Avellino Kennel
Mobile: 08122321103 (NO SMS)
Contact Person: Hilda atau Tris
Alamat:Komplek Gumuruh -Bandung
Telp: 022 - 7300 378

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